Non-printable characters and ASCII with IDL

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Sometimes it is necessary to use non-printable characters in a string or special characters such as the ‘ and ” that normally denote a string in IDL. It is easy to do so by referring to the correct byte presentation using the string() function.

For example to put in a tab: string(9B)

The apostrophe ‘: string(39B)

The quotation mark “: string(34B)

The other ASCII characters can be found here: – use the Dec. column

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Nothing but a fool – New Order

From the  newest album Music Complete (2015) by New Order (english rock band formed in 1980).

“Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got

You think you’re better than the rest
And the world belongs to you
But you’re nothing but a fool

If you can hold her in your hands
If you can feel her in your heart
Don’t ever let her run away
Don’t ever let her drift away”


Truth for Giulio Regeni

Here a shocking article [24 Geb 2016, by The Guardian] about the murder of Giulio Regeni in Egypt.
If you feel so, please share it, it is important!  It is important now more than ever to maintain the attention on the case high.

Egypt is not interrogating the Police, the feeling is that they want to cover up the truth with lame explanations. “It is expected that the Egyptian security service will itself be tasked with drawing up a list of suspects, making it even less likely that a policemen or security official will even be questioned in the case.
This is not fair. His family first, and many other friends/collegues/people deserve to know the truth!

“An examination of his body in Rome concluded that he was tortured before his death: he was burned, beaten, and mutilated. His nails had been ripped out and he suffered from broken ribs and a brain haemorrhage”
“The case of Giulio is strange because he was [apparently] in detention for days,” Calculli said. “It could be that somehow he was taken and detained and tortured in this kind of anti-foreigner, anti-researcher hysteria and perhaps they crossed a line and could not come back.”

Oh, Heres another article [Reuters] that I just found (published 5 hours ago):

“The findings are the strongest indication yet that Giulio Regeni was killed by Egyptian security services because they point to interrogation methods such as burning with cigarettes in intervals over several days, which human rights groups say are the hallmark of the security services.”

Some other links you might want to look at: one (english), two (this explains exactly what he suffered during tortures).


Loose Change For The Boatman – King Charles

The cool thing of “Spotify – Discover weekly playlist” is that you really get to discover music you enjoy. They have indeed an algorithm that tracks the music you listen to, then they use this info to suggest similar artists.
The power of Data Analysis eheh (I wouldn’t indeed rule out the possibility to work for Spotify one day! 😉 !!

Anyways…. This week I have discovered Kings Charles. Here’s one of song I like the most from his last album “Gamble for a rose” (2016). It is a very nice album, for the indie/rock lovers!

Les temps sont durs pour les rêveurs.




From the movie Amélie (2001, “Le fabuleux destiny d’Amélie Poulain“).
Such a spectacular movie.

“Le temps n’a rien changé.  Amélie continue à se réfugier dans la solitude.  Elle prend plaisir à se poser des questions idiotes sur le monde ou sur cette ville qui s’étend là sous ses yeux.”

 Watching it in the original language, after you moved to Paris, it makes the difference :’)


All the kings – Editors

Recently a friend made me discover the “Editors”.  I am still very far from knowing all the discography, but this song somehow intrigued me.  I couldn’t find the original version on youtube, so I am posting the acoustic one, which is still very nice!

ps. For the studio version check out spotify. I found it there. 🙂

Elliott Erwitt’s Great Scottish Adventure

What a wonderful video with Elliott Erwitt. Really well done.
What a great photographer and what an amazing country!

“I am not supposed to do pretty things, you are just supposed to do real things.”

“I just stood in front of this snack bar and waiting for something to happen, So it was just a matter of waiting for some human evidence to give.. to give its scale and its context”

for those of you who are not aware, Elliott will receive an award for its outstanding contribution to Photography on the 23rd April, 2015 in London. (Sony photography awards 2015)

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